Immortalized by countless poets and artists, St. Petersburg has been repeatedly called "Venice of the North".

The network of canals surround a hundred and one islands and are only sixteen less than the ones in Venice. The city seems to be created for romantics- with its beautiful basilicas with glittering golden domes, Baroque style palaces with lavish gold details and ornaments, the fascinating view of the river Neva and many museums, theatres and cosy restaurants. This is a city that has been gathering the Russian intelligentsia and aristocracy for centuries. In this aristocratic spirit have inhabited and worked significant personas of the Russian culture as Tchaikovsky, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Gogol, Shostakovich and others.
St. Petersburg is most charming during the white nights which last for one month, starting in mid-June. The city looks like an alive watercolour - unreal, ethereal, transparent. And it has not lost its dreamlike and romantic essence in all other years. During summer time the sun shines over the golden domes and fresco, making them shine charmingly. Under the rain the city is quiet and sad, singing a long and slow melody in the rhythm of the river Neva. The winter hugs the city and its guests with a sea breeze like an icy blanket. However, anyone may escape it and just enjoy through the window of a cosy cafe, warming up with a cup of hot tea. It is a city soaked in culture, history and majestic beauty that never ceases to amaze and fascinate and makes it an ideal romantic destination for honeymoon…
Peter the Great built St. Petersburg in 1703. He applied the concept of a whole new city modelled on Italy and also replicated other aspects of Europe such as the Dutch Navy and French architecture. His desire was foreigners that arrive by ships from all over the world to collide immediately with the grandeur and beauty of the new imperial capital. That is why the coastline is actually the face of the city.
St. Petersburg has preserved much of its lovely historic buildings. It would be mandatory if you take a walk along the famous boulevard "Nevsky Prospect" which is the heart of the city. You will be left impressed by its incredibly beautiful buildings, painted in pastel colours and the way they have retained their greatness over the centuries. The feeling of “aristocratism” can be felt everywhere; however, it is in the yard of the Hermitage that one is left breathless. The biggest attraction of the city palace is turned into a museum. The amazing Hermitage is the largest museum in the world and home to countless precious works of art. It consists of six buildings as central is the Winter Palace - the residence of the Russian tsars. Each of the countless rooms with different names and style are filled with art from around the world. The collections are very diverse and rich; containing archaeological artefacts, Chinese porcelain, coins, jewellery etc... Here you can see paintings of Titian, Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Picasso, Monet and many others. It is said that if you dedicate one minute to each painting or sculpture in the Hermitage you would need six years to see the whole lot!
A boat trip on the canals is a must for every visitor; the harmonious and beautiful view of the city from the water is remarkable! The enchanting St. Petersburg can be felt and engaged through literary tours and by enjoying the stunning views from above the rooftops of the city.
At night, the interaction of light and shadow highlights the impressive architecture of St. Petersburg. If you go by boat to the middle of the river Neva at two o'clock in the morning you will see the movable bridges that are raised to let the huge liners to pass; something that happens every night during the summer.
No matter how many times you visit St. Petersburg, you will always discover new and unexpected aspects of this unique city-museum. It will enchant you forever!

Elma Neikova