They are successful, active and beautiful.

They are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and loved ones. They are of different ages and professions. They are 28 women, a sample of the colorful spectrum of Bulgarian and foreign women residing in our country, distinguished by the fact that they have beautiful Moroccan kaftans. They wore them, at the invitation of Her Excellency Mrs. Zakia EL MIDAOUI, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Republic of Bulgaria and "Diplomatic Spectrum" Magazine, especially for the International Women's Day, despite the COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted our daily lives, reminding us that life is a continuing celebration whatever happens. These special ladies seize the occasion of March 8th, 2021, to congratulate all women in the world.

E. Mrs. Zakia El Midaoui, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Morocco to the Republic of Bulgaria:

"I am convinced that all the women in the world hold the key to improving their own lot, that of their family, and that of the whole community. Happy International Women's Day!"

E. Mrs. Boriana Simeonova, Director of the State Protocol Directorate, Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria:

"Public and political life has become more harmonious and dialogical with the female presence in it. Women give life, create beauty and comfort not only in their own home, but in every public field to which they are involved. The world needs more order and beauty and you, dear ladies, are the guarantors of that! But let us not forget our most natural mission - to give and bring up our children with love, to be devoted daughters, mothers, wives! Be healthy and happy! Happy International Women's Day!"

E. Mrs. Florence Robine, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the French Republic to the Republic of Bulgaria:

"This March 8th, 2021, International Women’s Day, is an opportunity to celebrate all the women who are often at the front line of the fight against Covid-19. And also to remind our full support for equaliy between women and men, and the fight against domestic violence."

Ekaterina Pavlova, Editor-in-Chief of the "Diplomatic Spectrum":

"No matter how hurried and concerned we are today, all women on our planet must not forget that "Beauty will save the world" and kindness will make it even more beautiful. Let's be good and beautiful! Happy International Women’s day!"

Lydie Meurice-Kidiamene Yanga, spouse of the Belgian Ambassador:

"It is by having their rights sanctioned by the court and society at large, by being valued in their homes, respected on the street and in the workplaces that today’s women will feel appreciated and beautiful."

Snejana Todorova, President of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists:

"Lovely Ladies, I wish you to go happily through years blossoming with love."

Slavka Chakarova, Mayor of the city of Chepelare from 2015-2019:

"Dear ladies, be smiling, persistent and successful and never give up on realizing even your most courageous ideas! Happy International Women’s day!"

Natalia Kavardzhieva, economist, Chepelare:

"Happy March 8th to all women who strive every day to make the world more beautiful and good. Remember - a woman's smile is enough to change the world!"

Albena A. Jones, Entrepreneur&Africa Investment Advisor:

"A woman has the power to create, so anything created by women together, has the greatest power!"

Ginka Shtereva, the Ombudsman of the Municipality of Kazanlak:

"Dear women, be pillars of values, of traditions, but let us not forget that every change and progress is due to the risk of daring and wanting something different. Feel the emotions, radiate, feel the beauty and love!"

Siyka Surkova, Mayor of the village of Momchilovtsi, Smolyan Municipality:

"Our lives need more harmony, diplomacy and bridges between us! Our children need care, maternal caress and understanding. The development needs energy, dynamism and clear thinking. The world needsmore women! Happy International Women’s day dear ladies! Be the meaning of all this!"

Albena Borisova, student in Engineering Design at the University of Forestry:

"Let this day be only yours, Mom!" Let the sun caress your hair, and love illuminate your soul! Because you are not only a woman and a mother, but because you are different, unique. For the most special person, for the most respected teacher, I wish you from the bottom of my heart: Happy March 8th, mom!

Happy March 8th to all, different and unique, women and mothers!"

Galina Puccetti, Assistant at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to the Republic of Bulgaria:

"Dear Ladies,

The world exists thanks to you.

Never give up! Happy international women's day!"

Elena Kanevska, folk singer, vocal pedagogue and psychologist, artistic director of the folklore group at the community center "Svetlina" in the village of Momchilovtsi:

"Dear ladies, Happy International Women’s day! Let us be healthy and proudly defend the title "Woman"! Let's keep our tenderness, charm, sensuality and femininity!"

Elina Topalska, artistic director of Sofistic Jivo:

"Dear ladies, dear girls! We women have much more power than we imagine. We give life inspiration, motivation, meaning, tenderness, charm. With one smile we can change the course of every event. The world needs our smiles to be beautiful! Happy March 8th!"

Galina Dargova, United Nations peacekeeping mission employee:

"Much health, professional and personal success!"

Stefania Dargova, GFK Bulgaria, Marketing research Institute Ltd., General Manager:

"Health, success and satisfaction!"

Vyara Lyubenova, French teacher, translator, chairman of the Association of French and in French Teachers in Bulgaria:

"The French writer Victor Cherbuliez said: "The woman appears in this world to deal with everything and to put everything in order." Happy March 8th to all women who work tirelessly to "arrange" this world, to make it more elegant, better and wiser!"

Katerina Lyubenova, student at the 9th French Language High School "Alphonse de Lamartine":

"Dear ladies, the world needs the warmth of our souls, it needs our gentle hand to create miracles, it needs our beauty to be in harmony with that of men."

Iliana Yoveva, Teacher, Sofia:

"We women are destined to give life, to create cozy and warm homes, to give tenderness and kindness! Let's be good!"

D-r Violeta Kostadinova, Executive Director of Rehabilitation center "Zdrave":

"Happy March 8th! I wish all women around the world health and a sunny mood!"

Prof. Dr. Polia Stoianova Katsamunska, Professor at the University of national and world economy, Sofia, Vice-Dean on Quality and International Cooperation, Faculty Management and Administration, Department Public Administration:

"I think that days like IWD are a time to celebrate the tremendous efforts and great achievements of women around the world in shaping a better future for all. It is a time to measure the progress we have made and to think about the next step we have to take to win the new and more challenging struggles ahead of us."

JoulianaTomova, PhD, Publisher:

"Нарру Women’s Day!

I wish you to be healthy, keep shining and feel inspired!

I'm sure we are going to be stronger and more united!"

Silva Yotova, Economist, Sofia:

"May the sun guide your dreams and smiles illuminate your faces! Happy March 8th!"

Marieta Angyusheva, Head of Bilateral Cooperation, Section EU and International Cooperation Directorate, Ministry of Interior:

"We, working women, are busy 24/7. The rest of the time, let’s keep our sense of the colors of the world."

NikoletaDespova - geography teacher, Primary school "Bratya Miladinovi", Bourgas:

"Happy International Women’s day, dear ladies!

Let us be confident, purposeful and inspired!

Let us give love, warmth and kindness thinking for a better world, a world of understanding, tolerance and dreams come true!"

GalyaMarinova-Paskaleva, Director of Primary School "St. St. Cyril and Methodyi", Momchilovtsi village:

"The image of woman - motherhood, love, faith, work! Dear ladies, be strong and confident; be brave and proud of your successes; be loved and loving; be spoiled and also givers! Happy March 8th!"

Teodora Pavlova, Personal assistant to the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to the Republic of Bulgaria:

"We, the working women, are heroines every day, let us never forget! Because we are worth it!"

The photos are provided by the participants in the initiative.