Therapeutic massage specialist Vladimir Iantchev practices a therapeutic technique unique to Bulgaria,

and it would not be an exaggeration to say that his style is also unique to Europe, Great Britain and America. It represents a combination of successively studied healing massage sciences, techniques and therapies - ancient Japanese healing techniques, osteopathy and spa body massage. As a result, he has developed his own style called the Healing Hands Therapy System, a combination of everything studied to date.

Vladimir Iantchev has been living and practicing for years in London, United Kingdom. He periodically visits Sofia, where his favorite place to work is Cveti's Secret Beauty Salon Sofia /"Lozenets" area of Sofia, "Nerazdelni" str., No. 3/.

He studied ancient art in Japan, which he applies in where he studied this ancient art, which he applies in his practice, lifestyle and manners. He remains not only fascinated by Japan, but also absorbed by the Japanese spirit and traditions. It is no coincidence that he also started collecting and restoring authentic samurai weapons. Not a fan of the term "dealer", but that's how he deals with it, along with his membership of the TO-KEN SOCIETY OF CREATE BRITAIN.

Most of those who know him feel that he bears very tangibly the marks, ethical principles and manners of Japanese culture. It can be said that this is something of his trademark, as well as his unique techniques and tricks.

After the Japanese school, he also studied osteopathy (body balancing and posture correction) in San Francisco, California, and spa body massage therapy in Cambridge, England. He is also certified by the US for a teaching degree related to his healing methods.

Constantly learning, he is torn between his many trips and practices in four countries - Bulgaria, Great Britain, Japan and America. But at the moment his homeland is his focus and he is grateful for being able to practice and help people in Bulgaria as well. With a strict selection of suitable people, Vladimir Iantchev conducted the first training this summer in Sofia, in Japanese Style Body Massage, Module-1.

His motto is clear and short - "Fanatical about human health"!

Accomplished with him? Up to August 15, 2023, the number of his cured patients, saved from operations, injections and heavy medication, reached 2,000 people. Among them there are also people with severe pathologies and all kinds of motor problems, as 7 people have been raised to their feet from complete paralysis and are living fully at the moment. A lot can be said about his clients, among them are quite famous names of artists, public figures and people with remarkable careers such as: Paul Sheehan, opera singer from the Royal Opera House London, Dr. Manxia Gao, a specialist in Chinese herbal medicine and therapies, Pamela Nicholson, composer, Evelina Haltakova, violinist, Veronika Bonkova, Canadian wrestling champion, Guna Ivanova, folk singer, Grigor Zarankov, judoka, saved from complete paralysis after the tenth procedure. Today, he is completely cured and is already reaping new sporting successes in the field of fitness. Among his patients and personal friends is the actress Gem Skii, who also wants to visit Bulgaria. Many of his Bulgarian patients are from the professional medical guild, including clinic owners, dentists, psychologists and others. Among the well-known names, we will mention Dr. Alit Kerimov, lawyer Yulia Nikolova, psychologist Krasimira Boneva, Mrs. Bulgaria Vselena Valeri Stefanova, permanent makeup expert Gabriela Karchina, photographer Mariana Gugalova, businesswoman Emilia Tsaneva and many others.

Vladimir Iantchev is currently working on the creation of a series of massage creams with Ginkgo Biloba, Japanese rose and herbs around the gardens of Hasedera Temple, Mount Cannan-Zan, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Photos courtesy of Mariana Gugalova "Atelier Guge".