"This is a city of half-crazy people... there are few places where you'll find so many gloomy, harsh and strange influences on the soul of a man as in St. Petersburg."Fyodor Dostoevsky "Crime and Punishment"

The Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in the Republic of Bulgaria organized a photographic exhibition titled Argentina: World Friendly in Sofia.

There, among the "golden" pines of the Balkans, people meet you with the words: "Look high, breathe deep!"

The plane was about to land on the ground of the populated by 9 million Iranian capital. Within two days, we were landing in Tehran for the second time. This time it was around midnight. Beneath us were the bright and colourful lights that I had not seen in other cities.

We have listened and listen a lot about Iran; and what not. From the legends of the untold riches of Ancient Persia, to this day, when the country’s name is heard every day in the world media.

Winter tale, romantic ally whispering of ski, spa and youth.

Photo: Vitosha in late January, 2017. Photographer - Yane Gadzhev