Cultural Institutes in Bulgaria

On the 12th of February, an incredible exhibition of the creators of the Groupe de Sèvres was opened at the nOva art space gallery on 3 Saborna Street . Who are they?

2020 is an anniversary year - we are celebrating 75 years since the Victory over fascism.

This name was given to the Italian-themed exhibition, presented by the National Gallery and the Italian Cultural Institute in Sofia on January 30 at the Palace.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Polish Institute in Sofia, an exhibition of 43 posters, promoting events of the Institute’s programme from the last decade, was presented.

The born in Armenia and living in Spain world famous pianist made her premiere in Bulgaria.

On 16th March in the Educational Centre of the National Gallery/Square 500 the Drawing Words exhibition with some of the most exciting children’s book illustration to come out of the UK in recent years was opened.