The holyday is a glorification of the spring awakening, youth and love. It is associated with one of our most picturesque customs – Lazaruvane. On this day, young girls in groups of 8, 10 or 12 visit all the houses in the village. People call them Lazarki.

Since ancient times on that day all Bulgarians give each other martenitsi - twisted red and white threads. Legends are told about this unique beautiful tradition, part of the Bulgarian intangible cultural heritage. Some are related to the proto-Bulgarians of khan Asparuh, others are even older.

The team of Diplomatic Spectrum wishes you health and peace, love and prosperity!

On July 1, a gala concert was held in the "Bulgaria" hall for the closing of the season, dedicated to 30 years of Postbank and 30 years of the New Symphony Orchestra.

On June 24th, at the "Journalist" Club of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, the book by Meltun Kadioğlu - "Songs Inspired by the Native Land" was presented.

Official holiday. On the day of the resurrection all Christians open their hearts to one-another with the hope for being happy and blessed.