The exhibition of UNOSTO Group Designers Jewelry can be seen until the 31st of January, in the Czech Center in Sofia.

The curator of the project is Teresa Vernerova Volna. Authors of the designer jewelry are: Nastasia Aleinikava, Alena Hesounová, Lucie Houdková, Kateřina Matěchová, Karla Olšáková, Markéta Richterová, Kateřina Řezáčová, Klára Šípková, Martin Verner.

Why is the exhibition called "In Motion"? Our body and mind are in constant motion. Even when we try to relax, we are filled with anxiety. On the other hand, are we the ones constantly in action or we are simply still, while the world around us is moving?

UNOSTO is a group of young Czech jewelers. In their latest collections, they deal with eternal movement in many aspects. Karla Olšáková and Nastasia Aleinikava follow the beautiful tradition of the Czech kinetic jewelry and allow their jewels to swing, rotate, change. Lucie Houdková and Markéta Richterová are inspired by the discreet movement of the plants. Nature plays an important role in the brooches of Klára Šípková, which reproduce the periodic changes in the moon phases. Kateřina Matěchová has sealed optical instability and jitter within her necklaces. And Martin Verner contributed to the exhibition with an urban culture element by describing the graffiti artists' gestures and by recreating their movements in the form of spatial arabesques.

The material was provided by the Czech Center in Sofia.

On the photos are the works of: above - Lucie Houdková; below: Nastasia Aleinikava, Markéta Richterová, Martin Verner and Karla Olšáková.