The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of Bulgaria, H. E. Mrs. Sri Astari Rasjid has opened the exhibition themed "Eastern Rhythms"

presenting Indonesian artists working with paper at the Triangle Tower of Serdica on Friday, May 10, 2019. This event is a part of Sofia Paper Art Fest 2019.

"I feel proud of the first contemporary paper art exhibition in Bulgaria. This exhibition represents the opening of the series program Wonders of Indonesia 2019, a chain of cultural diplomacy activities to enhance the cooperation Republic of Indonesia - Republic of Bulgaria in the fields of Tourism, Trade, and Investment", said Her Excellency.

At the opening event, besides the reading by Butet Kartaredjasa of the poem "If you are busy, when would you have time", written by KH A. Mostafa Bisri (Gus Mus) that succeeded with amazing the audience, there was also performed the Gambyong Dance. There were served several kinds of Indonesian culinary delicacies.

Butet Kartaredjasa hasshared that this art exhibition is a clear expression that art and culture can be used to strengthen the relations between countries.

According to the curator from Indonesia, Bambang Witjaksono, the concept in the selection and presentation of  Indonesian artists with different artworks is to show a portrait of Indonesia, starting from the culinary theme, traditional culture, heroes, social conditions, environment up to the individual concept of the authors.

The variants of the exhibited artworks cover wide topics, as well as various media and technics, beginning from water-colour, papier mache sculptures, drawings, and photographs. The artists’ backgrounds are also varied, there are artists who are also batik artists, a stage actor, a printmaker, reachingto contemporary art.

All this is to show that the paper as an expressive medium is popular and universal, including it has been used by creators in several disciplines, from the past until now. And it’s very light to be transported abroad.

This exhibition is participated by 17 artists from Yogyakarta, as the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia also shows her artworks - 3 photographs entitled "Me, Diponegoro", "Nyi Ajeng Serang", and another one about the sacred Bedoyo dance, all questioning the issue about heroism and feminism.

The other artworks exhibited by Beng Rahardian cover the Culinary Theme. The theme of traditions is raised by Djoko Susilo, Widiyatno and Suroso. The social-political theme is raised by Ivan Sagito, Surya Wirawan, and Ucup (Mohamad Yusuf). The topic of environment, by Emte (Muhamad Taufiq), Eunike Nugroho, Maryanto and Yudi Sulistyo.

The video artwork is made by Eldwin Pradipta. While Butet Kartaredjasa, Sigit Santosa, Iwan Effendi and Restu Ratnaningtyas raise themes of more personal character.

The visitors at the exhibition were from different circles, beginning from the Ambassadors of friendly countries, government officials, business people, including academics and students. All of themhighly appreciated the variety of the exhibited artworks and praised the organization of the exhibition.

The exhibition has been carried out by the AMATERAS Foundation and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia  in Bulgaria, assisted by the Regional Historical Museum of Sofia, and it is sponsored by Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI).

The material has been provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Text: Gapura News

Photo on the top: H. E. Mrs. Sri Astari Rasjid opens the "Eastern Rhythms" exhibition

Below: with colleagues Ambassadors who attended the event; with the Indonesian curator Bambang; Daniela Todorova from the Amateras Foundation with the Indonesian artist and poet Butet Kartaredjasa /photo 4/; some of the presented artworks