National Day Message by H. E. Mr. Søren Jacobsen, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Denmark to the Republic of Bulgaria

The 5th of June is a special and very important day in Denmark, as it marks the celebration of the Danish Constitution. The Danish Constitution Day is an official national day in Denmark, as it honours the fundamental principles of democracy on which the Danish society is founded.

In 1849, King Frederik VII signed the very first Danish Constitution, and since then it has been changed several times as the society kept progressing. This was the case for instance in 1915 when women’s suffrage was implemented and democracy became a basic human right for all Danish citizens. 

Although this is undeniably a long time ago, I believe it is highly important that we keep celebrating the Danish Constitution and remind ourselves never to take these fundamental rights for granted. The fundamental principles of democracy including the rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, human rights and personal freedom are just as important as when the constitution were adopted a hundred years ago. These are essential values in the Danish society and rights we have to utilise to continuously make this world a better, more equal and sustainable place to live.

As the Danish Ambassador to Bulgaria I am proudto promote these values in Bulgaria and to witness how Denmark and Bulgaria are working together to create a better, stronger democracy. By connecting across borders and establishing good bilateral relations, I believe we will improve our ability to create the necessary changes in a more efficient and thoughtful manner.

In June, we have another important date in the calendar – this is June 15th, the Day of the Danish flag "Dannebrog".

The history of the Dannebrog is also the history of Denmark. As the world’s oldest national, flag it has always been the symbol of the country and the development it has undergone in 800 years. It has therefore developed from being the king’s flag tobeing the state’s flag and the nation’s flag – to being the people’s flag.

This last is well reflected in the postage stamps issued in 2019, which show the flag’s connection with our daily life. The beautiful legend surrounding the origins of the Dannebrog is today an integral part of our national symbol and how we relate to it.

The Dannebrog has become an integral part of the daily life in Denmark. The flag is used in sorrow and in joy, on allotments and at castles, in ordinary houses and in the Danish Parliament. The Dannebrog is always a beloved element of everything we do. To the outside world, the Dannebrog and the Danish colours have become a distinctive brand for the goods we produce and at the same time a symbol of the society we have established and the values we have chosen as our own. The Dannebrog today represents the whole of the development the country has undergone.

The Danish flag is part of our daily life, it is boththe royal flag, the state flag and everyone’s flag, which we put on cakes, hang on the Christmas tree, decorate the front of our houses with and run up flagpoles.

Happy Constitution Day and Happy Day of the Danish Flag!

The photo was provided by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in the Republic of Bulgaria.